JPJ Plate Number Registration

Why should you take the hassle at JPJ? God knows how hectic it is
dealing with JPJ branches anywhere all over Malaysia. Set your
mind free by letting us handle everything for you.

Buy & Sell Used Vehicles

Do you know that it is very economical to have the plate number of
your choice by simple taking the running number issued by JPJ? Our
network simplifies this process.

Interchange Service

Every plate number is unique hence it is required to interchange an
existing number to a registered vehicle before you can put another
number of your choice to it. Get us do it for you.

Selling & Hunting Classic Numbers

Some people really admire specific number in their mind and it has been issued and registered back then. We do have available classic numbers in stock or even hunt them for you!

Puspakom Service

If you think JPJ is a real headache, you should know that Puspakom is even worst! We exist to simplify things and make all procedures to own a vehicle convenience. Get us do the inspection for you!

Vehicle Insurance & Roadtax

Thank you to our vast network of vehicle insurance provider and underwriter. Though the list of insurer are exhaustive, we always provide you with the best option available.